What is the most popular reflector for 2014?

The year is coming to an end and hereby we are showing you the most popular reflector of the year. Seems people are coming back to basic old school reflectors. The most popular reflector for 2014 is the simple Snowflake Coreflect reflector.

You can get one from here http://reflectorworld.eu/prism-reflectors/regular-reflector.html

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Some facts about road safety

Some facts about pedestrian road safety

In 2001, 11 September – 2752 people were killed when the twin towers of World Trade Center collapsed in New York, 189 died when a plane crashed into Pentagon and 44 were killed when hijacked jet crashed into a field in Pennsylvania… a total of 2985 people died.

Lets’ compare this number with how many pedestrians were killed during the same year – 4901. So – almost 2 times as many pedestrians get killed every year. Most of these could be prevented!

Did you know that on average a pedestrian is injured in traffic accident in every 8 minutes in USA.
Did you know that on average a pedestrian is killed in traffic accident in every 111 minutes in USA.
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101 reasons to wear a pedestrian reflector!

We asked the question:
Why should I wear a pedestrian reflector?

And here are the 101 reasons we could think of. Check them out and see if you agree with any of those. Can you think of more cool reasons?

All of these reflectors are available from our web store

So here they are – 101 reasons to wear pedestrian reflectors:
1. Because they are cool!
2. They look nice!
3. Because they protect you!
4. Because you will be an example to others!
5. Because without pedestrian reflectors it is hard to see you in the dark!
6. Because car drivers will like you!
7. Because it could save your life!
8. Because it is mandatory!
9. Because it is the right thing to do!
10. Because life is short!
11. Because life is beautiful!
Beautiful Glimmis reflector from Sweden
12. Because my friends wear it!
13. Because it gets dark in the evening!
14. Because the sun is not shining all day long!
15. Because I walk in the dark!

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Is your pedestrian reflector still reflecting the light as it should be?

It has been a great summer. Although it has not ended yet but still the nights are getting darker every day (here in the northern hemisphere). It is time to take out your pedestrian reflector!

And make sure that your reflector is actually in good shape. With time things wear out. So do reflectors. Is your reflector still making you visible in the dark or you just think it is? If you have been wearing your reflector for several years then there is a good chance the reflector is worn out.

Take a close look at your safety reflector!

Many times clothes come with reflector tape stitched directly onto them. Think how many times you have washed your clothes with the reflector? Washing can damage the reflective surface the same way it affects the fabric. When washed more than 4-5 times then there is a big chance that your reflector is not working as good as it should be.

If you have a plastic reflector on a string- then take a close look – can you see scratches on the surface of your reflector? If the surface area is scratched it means that the light can not travel directly to the reflecting area under the plastic cover and then back to the light source. Because of the scratches some of the light will be absorbed by the scratched surface and some of it might reflect to the wrong direction (not directly back to the light source).

Reflecting materials don’t like bending and folding. It can damage the reflecting surface.

Make a test. You need a flash light, reflectors and dark room. Hang your reflectors to the other side of the dark room and direct your flash light beam directly at the reflectors. You should hold the light at your eyes height as the light should be reflected directly back to the source. You get the best effect when you place an old reflector next to a new one.

Be an example to others and be visible!

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LifeSaver design reflectors have arrived

We are happy to let you know that new reflectors from LifeSaver have arrived. They are produced by a Finnish company Sanitex OY and they are designed by Emma Kosonen and Renita Niemi.

LifeSaver pedestrian reflectors

LifeSaver Collection

LifeSaver reflectors are attached to bags, coats and other clothing with a rubber band or a metal chain, which doesn’t make holes to the fabric like safety pins.

The story of LifeSaver reflectors:

“The idea for the LifeSaver reflectors rose from the designers personal need: in 2003 there were no good looking, fun or stylish reflectors available anywhere.

As a result of several years of product development LifeSaver reflectors have been available from 2005, and at the end of 2008 they have been sold over several tens of thousand pieces both in Finland and in Japan.” @www.lifesaver.cc

LifeSaver reflectors are produced in Finland from 3M material that is CE approved. The reflectors are also type-examined according to FG 1406/93 by Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, Topeliuksenkatu 41 a A, 00250 Helsinki, Notified Body nro. 0403. EN 13356.

You can find the reflectors in our e-store “Soft Reflectors” page.

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Reflectorworld visited Popomax at the Nordic design fair

ReflectorWorld received an invitation to visit Formex – the largest interior design fair for Nordic design.  The invitation was from Popomax the producers of Glimmis® pedestrian safety reflectors. They were established in 2002 and they are one of the oldest companies that creates soft reflectors. They use 3M safety reflector technology so their reflectors are of best quality. As they say on their web page:

The original – The Glimmis® – has taken reflectors to another level. The unique functionality combined with personal design has created a new market and a new trend. The Glimmis® is now positioned as the No 1 reflector on the Swedish market and is rapidly expanding world-wide.

The Glimmis® has the advantage of serving as the simplest and most cost-efficient life insurance available.
Does safety have to be boring? We don’t think so…
” @  http://popomax.com/products_glimmis.html

That is so true – their reflectors have really cool design and look good. It was very nice meeting them and we look forward to working with them. We thank you Kersti & Ewa for creating such cool reflectors and inviting us to visit you. Glimmis® safety reflectors will be availble in our online store www.reflectorworld.eu from February 2011.

After the fair we noticed that most of the reflectors that people were wearing in Stockholm were from that company.

Glimmis® Skull Glimmis® Lily
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Creating the best safety reflectors online store

What is www.reflectorworld.eu?

www.reflectorworld.eu is an online store for safety reflectors (also knows as pedestrian reflectors, cats eye, retro-reflector). Our goal is to have the biggest selection of reflectors from different producers so that you could get the coolest reflectors delivered straight to your home.

Coold design

The idea to create this website/ e-store came in November 2010 when I was not able to buy myself a new cool reflector online. In November I found that my reflector is worn out and does not look very good. I didn’t feel like going to a store so I decided to shop online. After about 1 hour searching the internet I came to a conclusion that it is almost impossible to find nice and cool reflectors from any website. I found some but they usually had very small selection.I went on searching and found that there are several companies that produce very cool reflectors- much better than what I had seen in stores. But I had no possibility to buy them. The problem is that usually producers/ manufacturers sell their reflectors in big quantities – usually minimum orders are around 200- 1000 pcs. I don’t need 500 reflectors :) I just need 1 or 2. Most of the pedestrian reflectors available for retail customers are sold in retail stores or are given as promotional gifts from companies. Selection of those reflectors in regular stores is not very good.

I e-mailed to different companies that produce reflectors. Made some calculations. Investigated options to create online web stores. Talked with some of my friends. Got some good and some bad feedback. And then decided to go ahead and create the best online web store for pedestrian reflectors. I will do my best to have the online store functional by the end of January 2011.

Coreflect reflectors have been manufactured more than 40 years

I will try to bring you the best selection of safety reflectors out there. I will try to find the coolest designs. In this blog you can follow how I am doing.

You can also help me – here is how:

  • Check out the selection of reflectors that we have currently in our store and order one for your self and for your loved ones – http://www.reflectorworld.eu.
  • Tell us if you have seen some really cool reflectors that should definitely be available in our store.
  • If you think that safety reflectors are important then share this information with you friends or blog about it.

With best regards,
-Tarvo Topolev-

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Welcome to 2011!

Reflectorworld wishes everyone a happy and bright new year! We will be opening our e-shop soon, so stay tuned!

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Welcome to Reflectorworld!

Reflectorworld is all about fancy-designed reflectors for both safety and fun. Not only do those little shiny things offer you invaluable protection while outside during night time, but they also make you extremely cool and let you stand out from the crowd.

Don’t miss an opportunity to get your very own reflector from our store! Show that you care about your life!

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